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10 Years


If you avoid failure, you also avoid success


-Robert Kiyosaki

Revolutionizing Real
Estate Investing

Discover the best deals with Gravitate

Gravitate uses AI to analyze and predict the highest potential return on deals in the market. Our platform presents the deals to you one by one. Give them a thumbs up, thumbs down, or heart. Try it out today and start investing smarter.

High Potential Return

Gravitate analyzes all homes for sale in the market to identify those with the highest potential return. Our AI-powered platform ensures that you see the best deals 10x faster

Customer service

24/7 Customer Support

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our platform and investment opportunities.

Top Privacy

We keep your data for our use only. When you decide to tour a property, we will seemlesly connect you with a real estate agent

Why Gravitate?

AI-Powered Investment Opportunities

How Gravitate Works

AI-Powered Analysis

Gravitate uses AI to analyze all homes for sale in the market and identifies those with the highest potential return. See a property's location, photos, and listing description and choose one you would like to move forward with

ARV for home to flip

Seemlesly pick a date and time to visit the property of your choice

1. How Gravitate Works

Discover Hidden Gems

Our technology sifts through countless listings to uncover undervalued properties ripe for investment, offering you exclusive access to deals others miss.

Maximize Returns with AI

Utilize advanced algorithms to identify high-potential investment properties, ensuring your portfolio grows with the best market opportunities.

Investing Simplified

Streamline your investment journey with our user-friendly platform, guiding you from property discovery to acquisition with ease and precision.

Invest Smarter with Gravitate

Harness AI-driven insights to make informed real estate investment decisions, optimizing for both risk and return.

Discover Homes

Find the best properties quickly. We filter through the noise and bad deals, so you can focus on the best deals.

Schedule a Visit

Visit the house and discuss all the details about  possible investment strategies, with our investor friendly agents.

Hassle-Free Purchase

Purchase your investment property confidently knowing you're set for success

Our Story

Gravitate was established on the fundamental principle that everyone possesses the potential to expand their wealth through astute investments. At Gravitate, our mission is to empower individuals like you to realize your financial aspirations and make informed investment decisions. Our innovative platform is meticulously crafted to serve as your trusted ally in navigating the complex world of real estate, providing you with the tools, insights, and resources necessary to reach your financial objectives. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just beginning your journey towards financial independence, Gravitate is here to support you every step of the way, helping you invest smarter and achieve lasting success.

Never Miss an Off Market Deal

Don't miss another deal from another wholesaler, we aggragate all of the off market deals and analyze them for you, so you know which houses you should write your next offer on

Leverage the power of AI by utilizing TINA our one of a kind real estate assistant that can help answer your real estate questions, analyze deals, present offers to buyers/sellers and so much more!

Personal Real Estate Assistant

Maximize your investment potential with our calculators. Quickly evaluate properties and calculate ROI  for a confident investment strategy.

Deal Analysis Calculators

We have the numbers on which agents are going to maximize your return as rea real estate investor. No more wondering if your agent is good, we can back it with their previous transactions and clients. 

Investor-Agent Matching Service

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Satisfied Investors

See what our satisifed customers have to say!

Using Gravitate's Deal Analysis Calculators, I can quickly evaluate the potential of each property. It's like having a financial expert right at my fingertips, ensuring every investment is a smart one.


Sage Holloway

Gravitate transformed how I approach real estate investment. Their AI insights led me to properties I'd never have found on my own, making my portfolio stronger and more diverse


George Conroy

“I wanted to get started investing in real estate but did not know where to begin. Gravitate helped me focus on the biggest factor of investing, purchasing a property”


Rowan McKenna

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