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Analyze 50X more deals

A new way to find Investment properties

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Revolutionizing Real Estate Investing

Discover the best deals with Gravitate

Gravitate uses AI to analyze and predict the highest potential return on deals in the market. Our platform presents the deals to you one by one. Give them a thumbs up, thumbs down, or heart. Try it out today and start investing smarter.


Why Gravitate?

AI-Powered Investment Opportunities

High Potential Return

Gravitate analyzes all homes for sale in the market to identify those with the highest potential return. Our AI-powered platform ensures that you see the best deals 10x faster

24/7 CustomerSupport

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our platform and investment opportunities.

Top Privacy

We keep your data for our use only. When you decide to tour a property, we will seemlesly connect you with a real estate agent

How Gravitate Works


AI-Powered Analysis

Gravitate uses AI to analyze all homes for sale in the market and identifies those with the highest potential return. See a property's location, photos, and listing description and choose one you would like to move forward with


Schedule a Visit

Seemlesly pick a date and time to visit the property of your choice

About Us

Our Story

Invest Smarter with Gravitate

Gravitate was founded with the belief that anyone can grow their wealth through smart investments. Our platform is built to help you achieve your financial goals and invest smarter.


Satisfied Investors

“Gravitate helped me discover investment opportunities that I never would have found on my own. Their AI-powered platform is truly remarkable.”

Justin Lansing

“I wanted to get started investing in real estate but did not know where to begin. Gravitate helped me focus on the biggest factor of investing, purchasing a property”

Tiffany Conroy

“I used to spend hours on zillow looking for potential investment properties. Now, with Gravitate within 10 minutes I know whether or not there is a deal for me that day”

Zach Sturgeon

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